I'm a Primary Kid Now!

“I’m a primary kid now!”

Shortly, before Lucy started at MAC, I had a discussion about when she would transition up to the Primary classroom.  At the time, I needed to know so I could adjust and plan for the move.  Since there appeared to be no worries about her entering her new school back in September, now I had little fear about this next transition.  And now that it’s here, I still have no fears accept for the tears of pride in my eyes, you’d never know anything had changed for Lucy.

We had the long holiday break to talk about primaries and get excited about the change and Lucy told anyone who would listen, “I’m a primary kid now!”  So the day after the break as we walked toward her toddler classroom and passed the primary community room, Lucy stopped and stared at the kids playing within and then turned to me and said, “I’m gonna be in there soon.”  When her toddler teacher brought her to visit her soon to be primary class, Lucy wanted to cut to the chase.  “Where’s Ms. Lara?” she asked seemingly wanting to know who was in charge.

Today, I dropped Lucy off for her first full day in her new classroom.  It is official, she is a primary kid now. She asked for help getting her boot off, but other than that she didn’t need me.  Lucy hung up her backpack and coat, put her lunch box into her cubby and with a quick hug, she was off to her spot in the circle to start the day.  And I was left to wonder, what spectacular things does my daughter have in store for her?

As I walked out the front door of MAC, I did have those tears of pride in my eyes.  I was profoundly more emotional than on her first day of school.  Was that just last September?  How much my little girl had grown in these last few months and more importantly how it will continue by leaps and bounds now that she is in the older classroom.  I am not sure I was quite prepared for her to grow up so quickly or have the self-confidence to take on the world.   But I think I like it!