MAC Board Minutes August 27, 2012

 Montessori Academy of Colorado (MAC)

2500 Curtis Street

Denver CO, 80205


Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2012


Board Members in Attendance:  Ryan Blake, Christopher Bracken, Jennifer Crossett, Heather Day-Richter, Bryon Farnsworth, Colleen Hackley, Matt Parsons, Chuck Raisch, Katie van Heuven


Board Members Absent:  Zach Chenault


Staff:  RB Fast, Jackie Greenbaum, Nancy James


Guests:  Thayer Low, Erica Roybal, Aaron Ciszek


  1. 1.    Welcome
    1. Parsons called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM


  1. 2.    Approve July 2012 Minutes
    1. Approval of the July 23, 2012 board meeting minutes was set in motion by Bracken and seconded by Crossett, all in favor (8), all opposed (0), abstain (2), absent (1) – the July, 2012 minutes were approved.


  1. 3.    Financials Update
    1. Liquidity position is good.
    2. July had a decrease in cash flow due to construction costs and summer tuition revenue but cash flow was still positive.
    3. Payroll was higher for the month due to additional Primary teacher costs.


  1. 4.    Executive Director (ED) and Enrollment Report
    1. Executive Director (ED)
      1.                                           i.    Building Updates – Nido 3 building repairs have been completed.  Gutter has been installed and a moisture barrier was installed behind the wall.  A claim to insurance will be filed.
      2.                                          ii.    Roof – There are a few spots that are ponding, which will be repaired by the roofing company.
      3.                                         iii.    Primary Community Room – Build-out is continuing and final work should be completed the week of September 3rd.
      4.                                         iv.    Primary ½ Day Enrollment – 3 children have been enrolled in the program both of which are external families.
      5.                                          v.    Family Fun Fair – The day was a big success and there were rave reviews from parents.
      6.                                         vi.    Leadership Team Strategic Plan – Mark Mussleman has been hired as a consultant to assist with the BOD strategic plan.
      7.                                        vii.    Annual Meeting – Scheduled for Thursday September 27th from 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM.
        1. Approval of the September 27th, 2012 annual meeting date was set in motion by van Heuven and seconded by Crossett, all in favor (10), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (1) – the September 27th, 2012 date was approved.
        2.                                       viii.    Upstairs Space – There is a potential business that would like to lease space on the second floor.  Discussions will take place in the next few months to determine feasibility of using the space.
  2. Enrollment Report
    1.                                           i.    Jackie will start to take over the Enrollment Report.
    2.                                          ii.    Enrollment is much more full in Primary than in past years.
    3.                                         iii.    Model for Primary is being examined due to the new Primary room opening soon.
    4.                                         iv.    Licensing and material waivers from last year’s model will slightly impact moving up of all age groups.


  1. 5.    Committee Updates and Reports
    1. BOD Development – 6 people who are interested in running for the BOD.  Application forms to be sent out this week.  Exploring another meet and greet day.  Election dates will be distributed this week.
    2. Strategic Planning – Committee is doing work around several key areas:
      1.                                           i.    Accreditation – MAC team and the finance committee have done a lot of work on the plan.  Montessori accreditation planning is moving forward for NAEYC.  Community lead discussions will take place in the next week to determine how to approach the action items.  This is a three-year plan.
      2.                                          ii.    Classroom – Work to achieve consistency between classrooms is ongoing.
      3.                                         iii.    Upstairs – Several key discussions are taking place to determine a plan for the upstairs.
      4.                                         iv.    Programs – French program will start in the fall.
      5.                                          v.    Toddler Space – Exploring reclaiming the empty space at the Toddler Community Room entrance.
      6.                                         vi.    Marketing – Several planning efforts are underway including a Twitter account for MAC.
      7.                                        vii.    Grants – A member of MAC’s staff has taken a class in grant writing and MAC will explore what could be
      8.                                       viii.    General – Looking to increase parent involvement in transition meetings and class gathering.  Retention goals are being determined to help maintain consistency for classrooms.  Being conscious about transitions and making sure everything is very well aligned.
  2. Fundraising – Family fun fair was a big success and MAC will explore doing it every year.  This presented a way to engage with MAC alumni.
  3. PMAC – no updates.


  1. 6.    Review and Vote on Vacant BOD Position
    1. Aaron Ciszek attended the BOD meeting and spoke about his desire to join the BOD.
      1.                                           i.    Appointment of Aaron to the BOD was set in motion by Crossett and seconded by Bracken, all in favor (10), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (1) – Aaron was appointed to the BOD with term ending October 2013.


  1. 7.    2012-2013 Executive Committee Planning Discussion
    1. Reminder that adjustment to by-laws was made so that Executive Committee appointments are made at the last meeting of the year.


  1. 8.    Other Items
    1. None.


  1. 9.    Adjourn
    1. Parsons adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM.