MAC Board Minutes September 24, 2012

Montessori Academy of Colorado (MAC)

2500 Curtis Street

Denver CO, 80205


Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2012


Board Members in Attendance:  Ryan Blake, Christopher Bracken, Aaron Ciszek, Zach Chenault, Heather Day-Richter, Bryon Farnsworth, Colleen Hackley, Matt Parsons, Chuck Raisch, Katie van Heuven


Board Members Absent:  Jennifer Crossett


Staff:  RB Fast, Jackie Greenbaum, Nancy James


Guests:  Erica Roybal, Dana Steele, Rebecca Rogers


  1. 1.    Welcome
    1. Parsons called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM


  1. 2.    Approve August 2012 Minutes
    1. Approval of the August 27, 2012 board meeting minutes was set in motion by Day-Richter and seconded by Raisch, all in favor (9), all opposed (0), abstain (1), absent (1) – the August, 2012 minutes were approved.


  1. 3.    Financials Update
    1. MAC had a loss for August, which was in line with August 2011.  Last year was due to enrollments and this year was due to purchases.
    2. MAC did finish positive for the year.
    3. 2012 audit will be preformed by the
    4. Profit & Loss – total assets are up from last year.


  1. 4.    Executive Director (ED) and Enrollment Report
    1. Executive Director (ED)
      1.                                           i.    Accreditation – Continuing to develop the timeline for NAEYC accreditation.  RB is working with the leads on the standards for the age groups in their classroom.
      2.                                          ii.    Frequency of Specials – Working on a French language session.
      3.                                         iii.    Identify Inconsistencies – MAC leadership is working with leads to foster collaboration and increased collaboration among classes.  Activities include leads visiting other classrooms in order to observe and study what other classrooms are doing.
      4.                                         iv.    Building Work – Primary Sole construction is complete.  Final pieces are being put into place.
      5.                                          v.    Second Floor Space – MAC is exploring the use of the second floor and determining what revenue can be obtained by the space.
      6.                                         vi.    Staffing – Kay Ciesielski is the new lead for Primary Sole.  Attrition has leveled out.
  2. Enrollment Report
    1.                                           i.    Nido has 2 open spots starting in the month of November.
    2.                                          ii.    All other communities are full and waitlists are solid.


  1. 5.    2012-2013 Executive Committee Nominations and Elections
    1. Secretary – Ryan Blake was nominated by Hackley and seconded by Farnsworth, all in favor (10), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (1).  Ryan Blake has been elected as Secretary of the MAC BOD.
    2. Treasurer – Chris Bracken was nominated by Farnsworth and seconded by van Heuven, all in favor (10), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (1).  Chris Bracken has been elected as Treasurer of the MAC BOD.
    3. Vice President – Katie van Heuven was nominated by Hackley and seconded by Farnsworth, all in favor (10), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (1).  Katie van Heuven has been elected as Vice President of the MAC BOD.
    4. President – Matt Parsons was nominated by Chris Bracken and seconded by van Heuven, all in favor (10), all opposed (0), abstain (0), absent (1).  Matt Parsons has been elected as President of the MAC BOD.


  1. 6.    Committee Updates and Reports
    1. BOD Development – Elections opened today 9/24 and will close on Friday 9/28.  Total of six applicants are running for three open board member positions.
    2. Strategic Planning – no updates.
    3. Fundraising – new fundraising chair is working with the BOD in order to formulate a plan for the year.
    4. PMAC – no updates.
    5. Gala – Gala is scheduled for April 6, 2012 at the Colorado History Museum.  More details to follow.


  1. 7.    Other Items
    1. A big “thank you!” to the board members who have served out their terms – Jennifer Crossett, Heather Day-Richter and Bryon Farnsworth.


  1. 8.    Adjourn
    1. Parsons adjourned the meeting at 7:22 PM.