The Montessori Magic

It has been just about 2 months since Lucy started in her primary class after a successful transition from her toddler class.  I laugh at her quick progression, finding her toddler teacher in the hall and wanting nothing to do with her at first to now actually looking for her so she might share with her something great that has happened in primary.  I peek around the corner after I drop Lucy off in the morning to catch a glimpse of the magic.  At home, she constantly pretends we are in school.  It is circle time and then work time and then she might grab a book from the shelf to read to me.  Of course, she is always the teacher.

This could be an incredible metaphor for our life, Lucy as the teacher.  In the past 3 years, I have learned more than I could have imagined from my daughter.  And now as she grows and learns at school each day, she brings it home to share with me.  “Mama, did you know an island has water all around it?”  “No, Mama, they are not legs, they are tentacles and there are 8 on an octopus.”

And it is not just the knowledge which impresses me.  It is her interaction with other students, her ability to make decisions, her willingness to share.  Like I said, there is some magic happening within the walls of MAC.  I had an opportunity to volunteer in Lucy’s class one morning.  As I sat with a few students, one at a time, and we worked on an art project, I realized this wasn’t just happening for Lucy.  When I stop and talk with parents before or after school, I see the same twinkle in their eyes.  They are learning a ton from their kids as well.

I had the chance to go through the staff bios as a part of developing our new website.  So, not only did I read them all, I edited them and learned about the tremendously fabulous people who have chosen to work at MAC.  It was clear that each is well-trained in the Montessori method and that each has a variety of outside interests.  But read deeper and you will see how much they care.  Walk through the halls of MAC and see a teacher squatting down to talk to a student.  Watch the interaction between the staff and parents.  You will see it clearly.  You will see where the magic begins.  But there is more I cannot quite put my finger on...yet.

Later this month, I will attend the first of many parent teacher conferences for Lucy.  My main interest is in how Lucy is doing, what I can do differently, but surreptitiously, I am going to try to get some of those secrets.