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MAC Elementary 

Mission: To cultivate a learning environment in which students discover their potential to excel as individuals, contribute to their communities, and participate thoughtfully in the world we share.

Unique Position: An urban elementary school that blends Montessori instruction, language immersion, with Expeditionary experiences in partnership with the community.

What is Montessori Elementary?

  • Children work individually and in small groups with complex math materials progressing when they are ready.
  • Children work individually and in small groups on cultural research projects and presentations.
  • Children work collaboratively on group projects involving the 5 great lessons: History of the Universe and Earth, History of Life, History of Humans, History of Language and History of Math.
  • Teachers observe the children, children and teachers record their accomplishments, and facilitate their learning progress by helping children realize individual and classroom goals.


What is Experiential Elementary?

Learning is active: Students are scientists, urban planners, historians, and activists, investigating real community problems and collaborating with peers to develop creative, actionable solutions.

Learning is challenging: Children are pushed and supported to do more than they think they can.

Learning is meaningful: Students apply their skills and knowledge to real-world issues and problems and make positive change in their communities. They see relevance in their learning and are motivated by understanding that learning has a purpose.

Learning is public: Through formal structures of presentation, exhibition, critique, and data analysis, students and teachers build a shared vision of pathways to achievement.

Learning is collaborative: Staff, students and families share rigorous expectations for quality work. Trust, respect, responsibility and joy in learning permeate the class culture.


How will the Spanish bilingual immersion work?

  • One adult in each classroom will be a fluent Spanish speaker and speak exclusively Spanish when engaging with the children.
  • The Immersion adult will also present lessons in Spanish as well as offer tips and tools to parents.
  • Children will create a snack menu, order, shop, cook, and serve each other exclusively in Spanish!


Why come to Montessori Experiential Elementary at MAC?

  • Your family will be supported by our community of teachers, administrators, parents and children who regularly come together for celebrations, education nights, and family gatherings.
  • Currently Montessori elementary in Denver fails to incorporate the children’s need for learning beyond the classroom.
    • Maria Montessori advocated for children in the Second Plane of Development to spend as much time as possible integrating their classroom learning with community experience.
  • Children need to develop internal accountability and experiential education gives students the opportunity to engage in positive decision making through real world learning opportunities. Thus, creating authentic learners.
  • Spanish Language immersion empowers students to have influential careers in the local, state, and international workforce.
    • Research studies "show that learning a second language at an early age has a positive effect on intellectual growth and leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and improved listening skills."¹


How Montessori Learning and Experiential Learning Balance One Another

Montessori vs Other Graphic

What does the day look like?

  • Mornings are a Montessori work cycle.
    • Colorado educational standards will be achieved for each child and assessed through individual works samplings.
    • Evidence of alignment to Common Core Standards will be available.
  • Afternoons involve creating projects and going on expeditions.
    • Children utilize expeditions and local parks for outside time.
    • Expeditions are based around a unit of study being explored by the classroom group.
    • Expeditions occur on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Art will include a Visiting Artist program.
    • Artists share their medium with the children.
    • Children explore the medium with guidance from the artist.
    • Children create a collaborative project in the medium together.
  • Music will include components of theatre.
    • Children learn to read music, perform songs, perform spoken words, design and create costumes, as well as design and create sets.
    • Children have an annual performance for the community.
  • Language immersion is throughout the day.
    • One adult in each classroom speaks Spanish exclusively.
  • Students access local parks and a second floor gross motor space for physical education.
    • Yoga instruction with a certified children’s yoga teacher happens weekly.


Why is our program so special?

  • The combination of Montessori, Experiential, and Language Immersion does not exist anywhere in the US.
    • MAC combines the best practices in education and will serve as a model for Elementary in Colorado and nationwide.
  • Infant through Elementary in one building is very rare.
    • This gives parents the possibility to have their child educated in a predictable and consistent environment.
  • We will offer summer camps for all elementary students to complement our 12 month school year in the preschool program.
    • A 12 month enrollment option for elementary students will support families with children in the preschool program.