Danee Herman

I began my Montessori journey in 2009. After graduating from The University of Denver with a degree in Gender in International Development in 2008, I decided to take some time to explore what that meant to me and how it fit into my future. This self discovery led me to a commune in Hawaii where I had the fantastic opportunity to learn all about raw vegan cuisine; wanting to bring this knowledge back to the great state of Colorado, I moved back a year later and found myself selling my raw gourmet treats to folks at the local Denver farmers markets. It was a part time job as an assistant in the very classroom I have the pleasure of guiding today that led me to a crucial life realization. All my studies of past and present civilizations, economic structures, global political systems, war and conflict, sustainable agriculture, and countless other wonderfully stimulating topics, nothing had led me to a solution on, what seemed the most important issue of all, how to create lasting peace for our global community. Bearing witness to the magic that happens each day when spending time with toddlers made me realize my efforts towards a peaceful future are best spent with those who are still eager to learn and change, eager to be open minded, eager to problem solve, eager to share their love and ideas with those they meet, children. In 2012 I was lucky enough to receive my Montessori training in Assistants to Infancy (the study of humans from conception to three years old) through Association Montessori International (AMI) at The Montessori Institute here in Denver. I continue to be inspired by the work that I do each day.


In addition to the work I do at MAC I genuinely enjoy meeting people who care to share their stories. I am an avid pool player. I feel best when I'm reading and learning new things. I have had the pleasure of living in some lovely countries and look forward to continuing my exploration of this big, beautiful world.