Dawn Antigua

As a teacher, my goals have always been to bring out students’ strengths and ignite a passion for continual learning.  I have taught all ages (0-40+) in dance, Spanish, and parent education, but my main focus and greatest joy has been early childhood education (ECE) since 2000. 

I graduated from Southern Virginia University with a B.A. in Family Life and a minor in ECE.  Following college, I spent a year investigating the Montessori method.  Impressed and inspired by Montessori, but wanting to make sure I found the most developmentally respectful pedagogy, I spent another exploring children’s development in a Reggio-inspired classroom.  I earned a Masters Degree from the University of Colorado, Denver in Educational Psychology with emphasis in ECE.  From study and teaching experience I concluded that the structure, globally mindful and respect-based principles underlying the Montessori method resonated most powerfully with me.

I am certified by the American Montessori Society to teach 3-6 year olds, and with the exception of a year of graduate studies, I have been teaching in Montessori since 2005. 


I enjoy spending time in nature, yoga, dance, singing and playing a few instruments, eating, cooking and growing delicious, natural foods, time with loved ones and engaging in just about any experience that is uplifting and nourishes the soul.