Miss Hannah Abraham

As a child I attended a Montessori school on the east coast.  It has been a beautiful progression to come full circle and be back in the Montessori environment once again.  I started working at MAC in the fall of 2012.  Prior to being co-teacher in classroom Aria, I helped start a nature based in home preschool called Surya Mountain Day School in Boulder. I left to study the art of agriculture, specifically organic sustainable farming methods in upstate New York.  This was a wonderful opportunity that taught me how to live in harmony with the Earth.  After farming I moved to the Big Island, Hawaii.  I started to become passionate about nutrition and healing through foods. I started a natural food co-op to bring nutritional education and holistic food to the community.   I sold my products at the farmers markets and managed a store front.  Over the summer I knew it was time to leave the island to continue on my path with working with children.  I rediscovered the Montessori Method and its profound impact on the developing mind, and knew that I needed to learn more about the beautiful works of Dr. Montessori.  This love of learning brought me to the MAC community.  I am so grateful for each moment I share with the children, they teach me so much!