Miss Shannon Rizza

Hello MAC parents!

I am excited to start my career here at the MAC community. I graduated from Metro State University of Denver in May 2012 with a degree in Behavioral Science and Elementary Education after transferring out to Colorado from Arizona. When not at MAC, I also work as an assistant coach for girls volleyball for ages 5-18 years old and with a beginner adult team. Teaching has been my passion ever since I became a dance teacher my sophomore year of high school. Being able to work with children from ages 5-18 years old in a dance studio made me realize I wanted a career in teaching.

Growing up I had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world and experience other cultures. During high school I was a student ambassador and traveled to Australia, New Zealand, England and France. This passion has continued today and I have been able to add Greece, Ireland, and Scotland to my list along with 40/50 states in the US. Being able to travel and experience vast cultures, I believe, helps me in the classroom to see the differences in every child and support their needs to my best ability. It also allows me to bring in memories and items from the different places when appropriate that the children can see and connect to with their learning.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work here at MAC and with each and every one of your children. They help me grow and learn just as much as I help them. I look forward to collaborating with everyone in the MAC community!