Extracurricular Programs


Yoga is a fun way for children to develop strength, stability, internal awareness, imagination, self-confidence and compassion. Students will learn safe and playful ways to stretch and strengthen the body, mind and imagination. Classes include yoga poses, breathing skills, games, and partner work.




We are excited to partner with Carolina Alcaraz-Mannina to offer Spanish Language lessons to Toddlers and Primary students. Carolina is a native Spanish speaker from Argentina.  She has over eight years of experience in early childhood education and two years in DPS charter schools. Students are exposed to the language and the culture twice a week.  Students engage in purposeful playtime, music, storytelling, movement and crafts.




Denver Ballet School offers on-site ballet classes specifically for children, encouraging physical development and coordination as well as the love for the art. Once each week the instructor visits the school for a 45 minute class. Students learn the French terminology of ballet steps in the center and across he floor exercise. Using our imaginations makes stretching fun and creative. Students learn the music, dances and stories of the classics.



Hip Hop

Especially for Pre-K, Hip Hop dance improves coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and focus. Students learn age appropriate, basic hip hop movements with a creative twist! This class supports each child’s determination, unique talents, and imagination.



Private Piano Instruction Program

The private piano program is offered to Primary children only who are able to visually recognize numbers AND letters. The instruction has a very specialized curriculum. Each child is presented with skills that are tailored to their specific needs and abilities. Students are exposed to the following skills:

Keyboard basics and geography, piano mechanics, range, finger identification, five-finger positions, letter reading, music notation, music theory basics, and more!

The most unique aspect of the program is the lesson time structure. Each child receives two 20-minute lessons each week, which allows them to sit for less time more times per week. This also alleviates pressure for practice outside of school. Lesson time slots are offered during the afternoon work cycle and aftercare hours Monday through Thursday and each child is escorted to and from each lesson by the teacher.

Please contact Robin Hoch for specific information on space availability and pricing.