Here at MAC, we offer a variety of different programs and options.  

Art & Music

The classroom focuses on two basic needs of the infant—a safe bonded relationship between adult and child and the development of the child’s growing sense of self and independence.… more >
The toddler community offers space for the young child to naturally move from a physical/emotional stage of development to the more cognitive phase of learning. Through movement and exploration, the child is exposed to a broader world where parallel play becomes interactive play, where words become tools to communicate needs and desires, and where the boundaries of possibility expand alongside the developing mind.… more >
Our primary classroom is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly developing 3-6 year old. Classes are composed of mixed-age groups to allow for cognitive stimulation while also meeting each child’s social needs. The purpose of this program is to enrich and promote the further development of each child’s natural curiosity and zest for learning.… more >
To facilitate the schedules of working parents, MAC offers programs both before and after school. … more >